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14 May 2015 | MTA WA Disappointed with Budget

The Motor Trade Association of WA (MTA) raised concerns over the cost impost on business arising from the WA State Budget announced on Thursday 14 May 2015.

16 April 2015 | Government washes hands on consumer protection with parallel import decsion

The Federal Government's decision to allow the individual importation of new motor vehicles has left the Australian Automotive Industry in dismay, perpetuated ad hoc and piecemeal policy, and potentially left consumers exposed to unnecessary risk, little protection and no benefit.

1 April 2015 | MTA Urges caution with Harper Review Recommendations

The State’s peak Motor Industry Group the MTA WA has urged caution with a number of the Harper Review recommendations.  Association CEO Stephen Moir said that while the recommendations appeared to make sense, the devil is in the detail.

18 March 2015| Potatoes worth more than panel shops

The recent fight over WA Spud King Tony Galati’s growing and selling potatoes and the State Government’s reaction shines the light on the huge disparity in approach to protect small business.

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