During 2016 MTA WA will continue to strongly advocate for the WA automotive industry to the State and Federal Governments to ensure the industry’s interests are at the top of policy maker’s agenda. As government seeks consultation from industry we will continue to monitor issues of importance to the WA automotive industry and respond accordingly.

The following issues are at the top of the MTA WA agenda for 2016

Unlicensed Repairers

MTA WA members strongly support the regulation of motor repair businesses in WA. However the industry is disappointed in the current low number of prosecutions, the inconsistency in penalties and the types of businesses targeted. In 2016 the Association will launch a targeted campaign to report backyard repairers and to work with the Department to have the penalties increased to act as a deterrent. .

Payroll Tax

Payroll Tax continues to be one of the most significant costs of doing business for automotive business and effectively acts as a disincentive to employ West Australians. MTA WA will strongly advocate for both a reduction in the payroll tax rate and increase the threshold and we will be seeking commitments from both major parties in the lead up to the State election.

Compulsory Vehicle Inspections

MTA WA seeks the introduction of compulsory vehicle inspections before the sale of any vehicle in WA on a private to private basis. This will provide consumers with added protections ensuring that road worthy vehicles are sold. The introduction of this scheme would also significantly reduce unsafe modifications and the sale of dodgy vehicles by criminal elements. The scheme would improve the overall safety of the WA vehicle fleet. In support of this initiative the Association will also strongly advocate for an increase in Automotive Inspection Station (AIS) locations.

Simplify Uncollected Goods

The issue of uncollected vehicles and the time and expense it takes to clear these are a significant cost burden for the WA automotive industry. The MTA WA will work with government to reduce the processing time for vehicles valued under $10,000. If achieved this will provide automotive business owners with substantial savings in both the time taken and money?

Stamp Duty

WA’s Stamp Duty rates are significantly higher than many other states. The MTA WA will campaign for an overhaul of the State’s Stamp Duty to increase the attractiveness of purchasing a vehicle in WA and allow the WA automotive industry to compete of a level national playing field.

Sustainable 4WDing

Western Australians love four wheel driving and in 2016 the Association will focus on improving track facilities. The MTA WA will work closely with State and Local Government to keep tracks open and promote sustainable four wheel driving.

More information

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