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    The MTA WA’s Automotive Institute of Technology (AIT) is the State’s leading automotive registered training organisation. It is the only training organisation that specialises in automotive and is backed by the WA industry. The Institute offers employers a unique program combining both on and off the job training for light vehicle technicians.

    Our program is designed to ensure that apprentices and employers benefit from delivery that is designed to provide the apprentice with access to training on the job and on the most up to date equipment, while ensuring the underpinning knowledge is provided in a streamlined and effective manner.

    We have grouped units that supplement each other to form training clusters. These clusters will each be trained and assessed through a combination of classroom blocks followed up with workplace training visits.

    Benefits of our training program:

    • The program is structured over three years providing the employer with more access to their apprentices when they are needed most;
    • Over any one year a set number of units will be commenced and completed thereby ensuring clarity on the progress of the apprenticeship for both the employer and apprentice;
    • A defined number of days for classroom training will be allocated to each apprentice at the beginning of each year. This will consist of approximately 4 blocks of training per year (with a minimum 2 days to a maximum of 4 days per block, in any one year).
    • A clear focus is made on reducing the impact of classroom training on the employer and minimise disruptions to workplace planning.
    • A minimum number of trainer / assessor contact hours, for workplace visits per apprentice, will be undertaken each year to assist the apprentice transfer their learning into practical application in the workplace; and
    • Built into the program is the capacity to provide remedial training as required by the apprentice to ensure they complete their program on time.

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