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AUR20216 Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology

This course is for qualified automotive technicians, suitably skilled candidates who are currently working in the industry, or third and fourth year apprentices who have completed 80% of their technical studies. Candidates develop the principles underpinning the operations related to servicing, repairing and retrofitting air conditioning components and systems in cars and heavy vehicles within an automotive service and repair business. Candidates develop safe handling, safe working practices and the environmental awareness that is required when carrying out automotive air conditioning operations. To be awarded the above mentioned Certificate II candidates must be deemed competent in 13 units of competency, covered in seven (7) core plus six (6) elective units.

Please note: This course does not fulfill the install air conditioning unit requirements



The qualification has a duration of twelve (12) months for completion, however if the course is undertaken by a qualified automotive technician, the qualification can be attained easily within a three (3) month timeframe. MODE OF DELIVERY Part A: This comprises of a three (3) day training and assessment course to complete the three (3) air conditioning units. During this course all requirements for the specialist air conditioning units are met and the three (3) units will be attained.

Note: this does not give you the full qualification as part B is required to attain the full qualification.

Part B: The attainment of the remaining ten (10) units of competence is through credit transfer from a previous automotive qualification or through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Credit transfer: This is for candidates who have recently completed their trade qualification and is also available to apprentices in their third or fourth year.

The units of competence will be marked as credit transfers upon producing a recognised academic record showing a list of units that have been deemed competent from a previous qualification, for example, AUR30612. Any units not listed on the record that make

up the units in the course will have to be completed through the RPL process.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): This is for qualified automotive technicians or experienced industry personnel. To complete the RPL process, you will be required to produce sufficient evidence against the ten (10) units of competence listed as part of the qualification. This will include collection of work evidence (job cards), completion of written questions, and having a third party signatory to confirm competence. Once the evidence has been submitted and assessed, the units will be marked as competent.


Once enrolled in the Air Conditioning Course, candidates will need to apply for a trainee refrigerant handling licence from the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).  A candidate cannot attend this course without holding a valid trainee licence.


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All learners are treated equitably, having regard to their particular needs, in order to ensure the provision of every reasonable opportunity for the learner to acquire the competencies of the qualification.

COURSE FEES MTA WA Member $1050.00 Non-Member $1200.00



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