Tuesday, 11 April 2017 09:26

A seminal moment for the global automotive industry was reached this week when pioneering tech-heavy electric car-maker Tesla (which sold just under 80,000 cars globally in 2016) became America’s most valuable car company by market capitalisation.

And a snap poll by Roy Morgan Research reveals why.

A majority of Australians (63%) would pay more for a ‘Zero Emissions’ car like Tesla, including 100% of 18-24yr olds and 72% of 25-34yr olds.

Tesla’s market cap topped $52 billion USD compared to General Motors ($49.6 billion USD – 10 million cars sold) and Ford ($44.9 billion – 6.5 million cars sold) this week, and according to Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine it had nothing to do with April Fools’ Day. “Really.”

The results were consistent around Australia with significant majorities in all Australian States – both regionally (62%) and in capital cities (62%), and both genders – women (65%) and men (61%) saying they were willing to pay more for a ‘Zero Emissions’ car.

Michele Levine believes the results reveal that the high valuation Tesla is borne out by the attitudes of Australians.

“There is a significant appetite to move towards zero emissions in Australia.

“The continuing call by Australians – 17% of whom cite Climate Change/ Global Warming as the largest problem facing the World – more than double any other single issue – reveals that the drive towards electric cars like Tesla will continue to strengthen.”

Finding No. 7208 – This special Roy Morgan Snap SMS Poll was conducted in mid-March (March 17, 2017) in conjunction with the Roy Morgan State of the Nation Report 27 – Focus on Australia’s Automotive Industry with a cross-section of 1,004 Australians aged 18+. Respondents were asked: “How much more would you pay for a car which produces zero emissions?”

62 zero emmissions

Source: www.roymorgan.com, Finding No. 7208, 7 April 2017.

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