Wednesday, 19 April 2017 14:13

A Fair Work Ombudsman report has revealed that one in three Australian businesses audited as part of the agency’s National Apprenticeship Campaign failed to pay their apprentices correct wages.

Over the course of the campaign, which was conducted over two years to June 2016, the FWO checked on 2266 apprentices in 822 business audits.

The audits found 264 businesses (32 per cent) had failed to pay their apprentices correctly and 178 businesses (22 per cent) did not comply with record-keeping and payslip requirements.

The campaign led to the Fair Work Ombudsman recovering $339,433 for 323 workers. The FWO also issued 54 formal cautions, seven compliance notices and five infringement notices.

Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Michael Campbell said many apprentices came forward throughout the campaign.

"We received 2241 requests for assistance from apprentices and trainees during the campaign. Of these requests, 64 per cent came from workers under the age of 24," Mr Campbell said.

"Apprentices and trainees account for less than 3 per cent of the Australian workforce yet they account for more than 7 per cent of dispute lodgements with the Fair Work Ombudsman. This is disproportionately high."

Mr Campbell said the Fair Work Ombudsman would continue to promote compliance in the workplace through proactive audits and developing new materials to assist employers and workers to better understand their rights and obligations.

"It is important that both employers and workers understand that everyone must receive their lawful rate of pay and they must be paid for every hour they work," Mr Campbell said.

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