Wednesday, 19 April 2017 14:46

Driverless cars might be regarded as a technology of the near-future, but Australians are ready for so-called autonomous vehicles RIGHT NOW.

The majority (51%) of Australian men say they would travel in a driverless car now, compared to 41% of women, a total of 46% of all Australians according to a snap poll conducted by Roy Morgan Research.

And this new preparedness for the driverless era is widespread across age groups – the majority of all age profiles 50yrs and under are ready for autonomous vehicles.

Michele Levine, Roy Morgan CEO, says the growing acceptance of driverless cars represents a profound shift in the way Australians view their future mobility.

“The closure of Australia’s automotive manufacturing industry this year in many ways heralds a shift from the old guard to the new world of mobility.

“This is particularly for younger Australians who increasingly congregate in inner urban where car-sharing services and Uber have changed the way Australians view their cars.

“The days when younger Australians argued over the merits of a Holden or a Ford, epitomised by the Bathurst 1000, are clearly long past as the simple utility of a vehicle able to get someone from A to B, or C, or D, or F, G, or wherever, are far more important than showing off a new factory model V8.

“Autonomous vehicles have been a reality for almost 10 years and we are all catching up.

“And many Australians are ready now.”

Source:, Finding No. 7209


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