Thursday, 15 June 2017 15:30

The MTA WA is receiving reports from dealerships about an increase in the number of vehicles that are being traded and which have had their odometer tampered with.

Reports from effected dealers are indicating a consistent practice from owners of these vehicles.

It would appear that there is a pattern in the behaviour of the individuals who are trading these vehicles. The vehicles that have been presented to date were purchased by the owner three to four months prior to trading it.

The vehicle is then presented to another dealership as a trade in. None of the vehicles in question have been listed on the PPSR so there is no initial cause for concern on the part of the dealer.

The vehicles are however missing their log books and it is only when the service history of the vehicle is checked that the odometer discrepancy is discovered.

Dealers are strongly advised to not only check the PPSR for encumbrances and the repair status but to also attempt to identify the service history of the vehicle so that the odometer reading can be verified.

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