Monday, 04 December 2017 14:29

Congratulations Samuel Howard who recently completed his apprenticeship.

MTA member, West Coast Mechanics is a very busy, diversified and successful mechanical business located in the Rockingham area.  

It has been a pleasure employing and managing apprentice Samuel Howard, leaving Tom Howard (Sam’s father) to focus on core business issues.  Sam has been a very self motivated apprentice, always willing to embrace a changing automotive  technology environment.  In the later part of his apprenticeship, Sam actually had periods of running the business, whilst Tom had a few small holiday breaks and did a very good job of it. 

Tom has reaped the benefits of delegating his apprentice management to the Group Training Organisation (GTO), knowing his apprentice will be managed professionally, freeing up many valuable productive hours for himself to take care of running the business. 

Now qualified Samuel will be stepping up whilst Tom will take more of a back seat role.

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