Monday, 04 December 2017 14:58

The Department of Transport have released an update to IB-132C Vehicle Safety and Standards Information Bulletin regarding the fitment and use of addtional and optional vehicle lights (lamps).

Purpose of this bulletin

This bulletin is to explain the fitment and use of additional driving lights (including LED light bars), and optional lights that may be fitted to a motor vehicle (excluding motor cycles, side cars and trikes). In this bulletin, the terms ‘lamps’ and ‘lights’ have the same meaning and are used interchangeably. Additionally, the terms ‘high-beam’ and ‘main-beam’ have the same meaning for the purposes of this bulletin.

Additional Driving lights (Driving Lamps)

Additional driving lights (including LED Light Bars) are auxiliary lights that can be fitted to a vehicle for the sole purpose to provide increased illumination to the road ahead of the vehicle over a long distance when the vehicle’s head lights are used on high beam. Additional driving lights are covered by the Australian Design Rule 13/00 (ADR13). Amendments to ADR13, which has aligned with the alternate international standards now allow for the fitment of one or more (to a maximum of four) additional driving lights thus removing the previous requirement of additional driving lights to be fitted in pairs of two or four.

General Requirements

Any additional driving lights fitted to a vehicle must be designed and securely fitted in a way that:

  • minimises the likelihood of injury to a person making contact with the vehicle in an unfortunate event of a crash with a pedestrian;
  • does not obstruct the driver’s view of the road and traffic to the front or side of the vehicle;
  • the light emitted does not cause discomfort to the driver either directly or indirectly through devices for indirect vision and/or other reflecting surfaces of the vehicle; and
  • must remain switched off when high beam headlights are not in operation; and
  • must automatically switch off when high beam headlights are either turned off or the headlamps are dipped.
  • Additional driving lights that have daytime running lights incorporated within the light, please refer to the section within this document titled DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS to ensure fitment is in compliance with ADR 13/00.


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