Tuesday, 14 August 2018 12:27

Farm Machinery Dealers and/or their clients may find this information useful. The Main Roads website has been updated advising of the HMMS Access Arrangements for the 2018-19 harvest period.

Whilst it has taken some time to finalise, the new HMMS access arrangements will address road safety concerns and ensure the continued success of the HMMS.

The changes are outlined in the following documents:

The changes mean you must now apply to Main Roads if RAV access is required on roads between the paddock and the nearest road approved for RAV Network access under HMMS. To apply, a farmer or transport operator may submit a HMMS Road List form to advise us of the RAV combination and roads being used. The HMMS Road List must be endorsed by Main Roads before starting HMMS operations on these roads and be carried in the vehicle and produced to Main Roads, WA Police or the Grain Receiver upon request.

Main Roads will conduct a preliminary assessment of the nominated roads and provided the access is considered safe, endorse the HMMS Road List and return the list to the applicant. This endorsed HMMS Road List may be shared with other transport operators.

Main Roads will also use the HMMS Road Lists to prioritise onsite route assessments, with the aim of adding the roads to the relevant RAV Network. This will negate the need to have special access arrangements for future harvest periods.

Further information about the changes, HMMS Road List form and updated HMMS Business Rules are on available the HMMS page of the Main Roads website.

If you have any further enquires about the changes, please do not hesitate to contact Division Manager, Marie Donato.

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