The WA automotive retail industry is competitive and fast paced; offering lots of exciting and lucrative career opportunities if you’re self-motivated and driven.

At MTA WA we can help you get your career off to a flying start.

Legal Requirements

The Motor Vehicles Dealers Act 1973 requires a valid Dealer Licence to be held by all individual/s or a company engaged in the business of buying or selling certain vehicles. A Yard Manager is an individual employed or engaged by a Dealer to manage or supervise the Dealer's business of buying and/or selling vehicles. To attain your licence you need to complete these simple steps:

  1. Complete the MTA WA Yard Manager/Dealer Licencing Course.
  2. Pass the open book test at the end of the course.
  3. Apply to the Department of Commerce for your Dealer Licence

Why Choose MTA WA

MTA WA is the peak industry group for the State’s automotive industry. Since 1973 we’ve been advocating for and developing the sector making us the undisputed experts in all areas of the motor industry. We were key advisors to government in the development of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and continue today to advise government in the review of legislation and its practical implementation.

We’re the number one choice for WA dealerships, training over 350 sales people, yard managers and dealers a year.

At MTA WA we believe that it’s the experience, knowledge and service provided by our training team which ensures that graduates from our Sales and Yard Manager/Dealer Courses are equipped with the knowledge they need to fulfil the
day to day activities of the role.

MTA WA is the only trainer with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. We understand that the best way to learn is with a real person, with real experience.

Our Promise

  • Our licencing course is delivered by industry experienced sales people with real life knowledge of the application of the Dealers Act.
  • We are dedicated to providing you with the skills and regulatory knowledge you need to be successful yard managers and dealers.
  • We provide expert advice on call after the course.
  • We use the latest sales forms and teach attendees how to complete them.
  • Our training material is regularly updated to reflect current application of the Act and policy changes by the Department of Commerce.

Course content

It is recommended that the applicant has successfully completed the Sales Person Licensing Course before attempting the Yard Manager/Dealer Licensing Course.

Over the two days this course is delivered you will learn:

The legal requirements and responsibilities of motor vehicle yard managers and dealers under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1973

The roles of the Departments of Transport, Commerce and Consumer Protection Division

  • Licensing requirements for motor vehicle dealers
  • Statutory warranty obligations for motor vehicle dealers
  • Application of the Australian Consumer Law in relation to motor vehicle retailing
  • The correct use of regulatory documentation in acquisition and sales of motor vehicles
  • Law of contract
  • Creating legally compliant advertising
  • Legal requirements of consignment selling

Customer Comments

“Thanks Sarah and Tony for your fantastic training and accreditation to all of my new team members. The venue, hospitality and course curriculum is first class. All of my staff come back to the dealership richer for the experience as the training provided is detailed, enjoyable and adaptive to all learning styles. An absolute must for the development of effective and responsible frontline staff.”
Stephen Couri, General Manager, Fraser Motorcycle Parts.

“I would like to thank you and Tony for helping me to pass my Yard Manager License. I couldn't ask for a more comprehensive and explicit course. Thanks for taking time to answer all my questions.”
Shenol Sulejmanoski, Fleet Manager, Prestige Honda Melville.

“Well done on your set up and organisation. Very impressive.”
Andrew Arrowsmith, ACVH Pty Ltd

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