Who is Motor's Audience?

Each edition of Motor is distributed directly to 3,000 engaged business owners and automotive apprentices and is read by approximately 125,000 individuals. The majority of readers are members of the Association and can be characterised as follows:

  • 100% are business owners or employees in the motoring industry.
  • 50% of members have 0-3 full time or equivalent employees.
  • They employ over 10,000 staff.
  • 70% are based in the metropolitan area.

Other stakeholders who receive Motor include:

  • State and Federal Government ministers.
  • State and Federal Government advisors and managers.
  • Industry suppliers.
  • State and national industry representatives. 

Why should I advertise in MOTOR magazine?

Motor is the leading publication for the WA motor industry and is the only trade magazine that reaches business owners in all sectors.

Advertising in Motor will:

  • Promote your brand in an environment that readers are highly engaged with and have high recall of what they read and see.
  • Promote your business to business owners who sell or provide services to WA car, motorcycle, caravan and truck owners.
  • Promote your product to employers with over 10,000 employees who require access to specialised motor trade products and services.
  • Promote your product to automotive apprentices. 

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