All members of the MTA WA a signatories to the Associations Code of Ethics and they are dedicated to treating customers and others in the industry by them.

  • To deal fairly, honestly, promptly and courteously with all customers.
  • To ensure that all products and services I provide are delivered in a competent manner, with value, honesty, fairness and integrity.
  • To ensure all standards of workmanship are provided to the customer as promised, in accordance with industry practice for the work concerned, and in a manner that shall enhance the reputation of the industry.
  • To honour all my statutory warranty and other obligations promptly and fairly.
  • To ensure that all advertising is accurate and truthful in every respect.
  • To recognise and affirm the right of the customer to courteous, promote and honest dealing.
  • To treat my fellow motor industry members with professionalism and respect and conduct my business in free and fair competition.
  • To uphold and observe all laws and regulations governing the motor vehicle industry, and avoid any actions that may bring the MTA-WA and my fellow members into disrepute.



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