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AUR20516 Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology

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About the Course

AUR20516 Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology

Students develop the principles underpinning the operation of vehicle systems and subsystems. They learn to carry out servicing operations, inspect and service engines, braking, cooling, steering and suspension systems. They also develop the knowledge and skills needed to service, maintain and repair these systems. Students develop effective communication, teamwork skills, safe working practices and environmental awareness when developing solutions to planning and managing automotive vehicle systems.

This course encourages students to engage in a vocational context with senior secondary education, fosters a positive transition from school to work, and provide a structure within which students can prepare for further education, training and employment.

This School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) developed course uses the AUR Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training package as a framework for the achievement of this qualification.

To be awarded the above mentioned Certificate II students must successfully complete twenty (20) units of competency.  Thirteen (13) core and seven (7) elective units.

 All successfully completed Units of Competency are recorded on the student’s WACE statement of results.


Delivery Period

The qualification is offered through a school based program designed for Year 11 students and is delivered over seven (7) school terms concluding at the end of Term 3 Year 12.  There are seven blocks delivered over seven terms. The students are out of school two (2) days a week. They attend the Training Institution one day a week and attend work placement the other day.*
Twelve (12) units are delivered in the first year of the course with the final eight (8) units being delivered in the second year. (This delivery may vary according to the students).
To successfully complete a Certificate II Pre-Apprenticeship all participants are required to complete a specified amount of hours in an industry work placement. The AUR20516 Pre-Apprenticeship work placement requirement is a minimum of 183 hours. This will need to be completed within the duration of the course.This also meets the mandated requirements for the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA).

The Certificate II Qualification contributes towards the student’s Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) graduation.

*(Some schools use the school holidays and / or set block times for the work placements and attend one day a week).

Mode of Delivery

The program is delivered through a range of teaching and learning strategies. These include:

  • practical workshop based tasks (these involve demonstration and practice activities in simulated work environments)
  • training room delivery (face to face, which includes theory, multi-media learning, group work.)
  • work placement one day per week during each Term which allows learners to be “fully immersed in a work environment” (work placement may be block release).

All learners are treated equitably, having regard to their particular needs, in order to ensure the provision of every reasonable opportunity for the learner to acquire the competencies of the qualification.


Want to Know More?

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To apply please contact your school VET Co-ordinator.