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The Motor trade Association of Western Australia (MTA WA) is the peak industry group for the WA automotive industry who are dedicated to ensuring a thriving industry through training and skill set development
The Association delivers vocational and post-trade training for automotive tradespeople, apprentices, and trainees to develop their skills and achieve qualifications to enable them to apply for their Motor Repairer’s certification in WA. Motor Repairers certificates are a requirement in Western Australia under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Act 2003.

About the Parts Accessory Fitting Course

The Parts Accessory Fitting course has been designed to allow students to develop the underpinning knowledge required to understand the requirements and legislation of a parts accessory fitter in Western Australia. Successful completion of this course will meet the requirements of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety to issue a Repairer’s Certificate which permits parts accessory fitting.

Competent Students can then apply for;

10. Electrical accessory fitting work (EAF)
19. Mechanical accessory fitting work (MAF)

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  • Non-Member Price: $1,815 inc GST  - $1,499 inc GST Special Price (Expires soon)
  • MTA WA Member Price: $1,650 inc GST - $1,199 inc GST Special Price (Expires soon)

Course Delivery & Information

Course delivery is blended with an online component, evidence gathering via a logbook and a practical assessment.
The online component is used to capture the students underpinning knowledge and understanding of automotive components and relevant legislation around the correct fitment of accessories. The student will also receive a logbook which they must complete. The logbook covers practical tasks they have undertaken in the workplace. Each task recorded is to be signed off by the business owner or relevant manager. Once the student has completed the online test successfully and has returned the logbook an assessor will visit the workplace to ensure the student can follow accessory fitting instructions, work in a safe manner and fit an accessory competently.

Once a student is enrolled the course is available for 12 months to allow the student to complete the online component, gather sufficient evidence and pass a practical assessment.

The online part of the course comprises seven (7) modules which each have a quiz at the end, there is also a final exam once all modules have been completed. The learning material in each module may vary to include films and PDF’s of relevant legislation and industry information associated with the correct fitment of vehicle accessories; every module will have a PDF training manual and conclude with a quiz. The quiz must be passed before the student can progress to the next module, however, the student may make multiple attempts to pass the quiz. To pass the quiz they must get 100%. The quiz comprises of three to six questions which are pulled from a bank of 6 to 12 questions. Both the questions and the potential responses are randomly generated from the modules bank of questions. The questions are a combination of text, images and diagrams.

To access the quiz the student must download and/or view all of the training components. Once the student has successfully completed modules 1-7 the final online exam becomes available. The final online exam comprises of 50 questions which are randomly generated from a pool of nearly 200 questions. The questions in the final exam cover the knowledge gained across all seven (7) modules. The student may have two attempts to pass the exam and it must be completed in a single unbroken block of 2.5 hours. To pass the final online exam the student must achieve at least 80%.

Where the student does not successfully pass the final exam they will need to contact the trainer/assessor who will provide additional guidance. Students may re-sit the final online exam for an additional fee of $120 (+GST); this provides the student an additional 30 days access and two additional attempts of the exam. Once the student has successfully passed the exam the eLearning system notifies the trainer/assessor who then contacts the student. The assessor will discuss completion of the logbook. Once the logbook is completed to the trainer’s satisfaction they will mark “logbook” as complete on the online learning system.

Once the practical exam is marked as passed the eLearning system will issue a certificate of completion and instruction on how to apply for a motor repairers licence.

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