MTA WA provides members with a range of downloads to help them in their business.  Please ensure you're logged in to the website to download this material.

A3 Posters

These posters are designed to be be displayed in the reception of your business.  They educate and inform customers of your business practices.

Repair Notice: Your right to choose

The MTA WA has created this poster for members to display in their recption.  Encourage your customers to excercise their right to choose their repairer.

pdf Customer Supplied Parts (179 KB)

By using this poster, members are advising customers that they have a choice to fit the customers' supplied parts or not.

Advice from industry supports the business owner to reject the customer's request to fit supplied parts. Industry recognises the risk businesses face by fitting supplied parts and also recognises the loss of income associated with customers providing their own parts.

Repairers Lien

By using this poster, members are advising customers of their right to excercise a lien where the the customer leaves a vehicle with you to carry out repairs and the customer ahs not paid for those repairs.

pdf Shock Absorber Failure  (178 KB)

By using this poster, members are advising customers that the repairer cannot be held liable for cost of repairs associated with shock absorber failure after the vehicle has been raised during service.

pdf Good Service Doesn't Just Happen (1.27 MB)

This tells customers about all of the components which contribute to your labour charge.  It shows your customers the investment you make in order to run a professional and reputable business.

Customer Information

This series of flyers provides your customers with information on a range of topics and answers common consumer questions.  Please advise us if there are other topics that you would like for your business.  Click on the links below to download the flyer:

MTA WA Member Logos

Many customers look for and trust the MTA WA sign.  Make sure your customers know that you're are a proud member of the WA motoring industry community. And that you're a reputable, trustworthy business dedicated to raising the standard in the sector.

As an MTA WA member you can use the Association’s member logo in promotional material, stationery and signage.

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