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1. How much are the courses?

The standard rate for the online courses is $435 (Public), the Member rate is $395 (Member).  In person courses which are run by an experienced trainer are $495 (Public) and $475 (Member) including GST.

2. How can I receive member dicounts on licensing course fees?

Yes MTA WA members and their employees do receive discounts for licensing courses. To access the member rates you must log on to the website at www.mtawa.com.au and access the member's only section of the website.

3. Who should do the Sales Person Course?

This course is for individuals who intend to buy or sell motor vehicles on behalf of a licensed dealer. If you are not currently employed as a sales person you can still attend this course to assist in job applications.

4. Do I need to be working in the industry before I apply for the Salesperson Licensing Course?

No, many people complete the course to improve their employability in the industry. You must however have an employer to be granted a licence from the Department of Mines, Industry regulation and Safety.

5. Who should do the Yard Manager and Dealer Licencing Course?

The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) requires a person/s or company engaged in the business of buying or selling certain vehicles to hold a Dealer's licence. A Yard Manager is an individual employed or engaged by a Dealer to manage or supervise the Dealer's business of buying and/or selling vehicles. Therefore, Motor Vehicle Dealers and their Yard Managers must be licensed to operate in WA.

This legal requirement also includes anyone:

  • who acts as an agent for others in buying or selling vehicles;
  • whose business includes buying vehicles for wrecking;
  • who finances the buying of vehicles;
  • who engages in the business of auctioning vehicles;
  • who is a hire car operator; and
  • who operates a car market.

Applicants, or in the case of a company or partnership, the qualifying director/s or partner/s, must comply with and have sufficient knowledge of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1973. Dealers also have to comply with various other regulations and legislation. Motor Vehicle Dealers (Licensing) Regulations 1974, Motor Vehicle Dealers (Sales) Regulations 1974, Motor Vehicle Dealers (Infringements) Regulations 2002, Motor Vehicle Dealers (Prescribed Vehicles) Regulations 1974, and Car Market Regulations 1981.

6. Do I need to do any study/preparation before do course?

Not for the Salesperson Licensing Course. For the Yard Manager/Dealer course you should have already completed the Salesperson Licensing Course.

7. I’ve passed the course how to I get my licence?

Upon successful completion of either the Sales Person or Yard Manager/Dealer Course you must submit a licence application to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. You can contact the Department by phone on 1300 304 064 or visit the website www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection and follow the links.

8. Is the cost of a Sales Person or Dealer Licence included in the course fee?

No, the licensing fees are not included in course fees. Licence fees are paid separately to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety upon application for a licence.

Online Course

1. How long should it take me to complete the course online?

It is recommended that you should allocate approximately 20 hours total study time for completion of the course manual.

Once you commence the exam you will strictly have the following times to complete the exam questions, we suggest you should undertake this part of the course in a place where interruptions may be avoided. Should you not complete the questions within the time allowed the exam result will be submitted automatically and your result will be calculated against those answered questions.

Salesperson exam: 2 Hours

Yard Manager/Dealer Exam: 2.5 Hours

2. What if I’m unable to complete the course within 30 days?

We strongly encourage you to complete the course within 30 days. This is ample time to study and complete the exam. If you do not complete the course within the allocated time you will be automatically un-enrolled and unable to continue your course of study.

In Person Course

1. What should I wear to attend the course?

This is a professional business course so you should dress accordingly in a professional manner. This mean business casual. No thongs, no shorts, no jeans, no hoodies, no track suits.

2. When is the last day for enrolment on the course?

Both registration details and payment must be cleared by 48 hours prior to the course date.

3. English is not my first language and I sometimes have difficulty with writing and comprehension, how will that affect my exam?

The examination is open book and multiple choice. Our trainer is present during the exam and happy to explain the meaning of the questions if your understanding is not clear.

4. Is there parking easily available at the course location?

Yes we have ample free parking on-site.

5. What if I don’t pass on my first attempt?

We do have a high level of examination success, if however you do not pass on the first occasion you can re-sit the examination only. This includes one-on-one time with a trainer to review your knowledge discuss any areas of concern.

6. What if I’m unable to attend the course date I’ve booked or need to cancel?

If you are unable to attend the course dates that you have booked, you should advise us as soon as possible. To receive a full refund you must provide us with at least 7 working days notice. To transfer a course date we require written notice at least 7 days before the course date, otherwise a $50 fee applies.

Refunds upon cancellation of a booking will be provided according to the below:

  • 7 working days or more – 100% refund
  • 7-4 workings days - 50% refund
  • Less than 4 working days – no refund.

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