1. What does the MTA WA do?

We are the voice of the Western Australian motor industry. The Association is a member based organisation run by members, for members. We champion industry issues on behalf of our members who individually would not be heard by government.

2. How do I become a member?

Contact our Membership Team on (08) 9233 9800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. What do I get from being a member of the MTA WA?

Please refer to our membership services page here for more information on the benefits and services associated with being a member of the MTA WA.

4. I have a problem with the automotive business I have been dealing with, can you help me?

If you have a consumer issue or a dispute with an MTA WA member you should, in the first instance, contact Consumer Protection - which is a division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Please refer to the Consumer Info tab here.

5.What is my username and password to log in to the website?

Your username is your email address that you have supplied to the MTA WA when you joined as a member. If you have recently changed your email address, or would like to add additional users, please contact the membership department on 08 9233 9800 to change your details.

We do not keep any records of any passwords. If you have forgotten your password, please click on FORGOT PASSWORD and follow the prompts to reset your password.

6. How do I know if I have a log in?

If you or the business you work for are a member of the MTA WA, you will have a login. 
If you are unsure whether you are a member or not, please contact the membership team on 08 9233 9800.

Download PDF instructions here for logging in.

7. How do I find the Engine Room Blog?

The latest articles in the Engine Room Blog are now displayed on the Home Page. The most current story is the large picture on the home page and can be accessed by click on the picture or the title of the post. 

You can also access the Engine Room Blog through the MEMBERSHIP TAB under MEMBER COMMUNICATION, or via the MEMBER MENU once you are logged in.

8. Why do I have to log in to read some of the articles in the Engine Room?

Some of the information we provide on the MTA WA website and in the Engine Room Blog is for members only. To be able to read these articles, you will need to be logged in.

9. Help! I can't find the awards and wage schedules.

Employment and Industrial Relations advice is a benefit that MTA WA members receive. To access the Employment and Industrial Relations advice, please ensure you are logged in. Once you are logged in, hover over the Employment & IR tab and a drop down menu will appear. Choose Awards & Wage Schedule from the menu and then choose the relevant award or wage schedule.

Download PDF instructions here.

10. How do I register for and attend an industry event?

You can see the full list of upcoming events by hovering over the MEMBERSHIP TAB and then clicking on UPCOMING EVENTS. Click on the event that you are interested in to find out more information.

You can register and pay online for MTA WA Member Events. Once you are on the event page, scroll down and click on REGISTER. Follow the prompts to register for the event. You can pay by Credit Card (through PayPal) to register for the event and ensure your place in the event or request that an invoice is sent to your for payment. Your place will not be confirmed until this invoice is paid, so we recommend paying via credit card to ensure you don't miss out on the event!

MTA WA Member receive discounts for events. You will need to be logged in to access any member discounts (Refer to point 5 & 6 if you are unsure how to log in).

11.  I am an MTA WA member and I would like to display the MTA WA Member Logo in my business.

As an MTA WA member we encourage you to display that you are an MTA WA member. You can download the MTA WA Member logo here and use it to have signage created for your business, display on your website, or place on your letterhead and office stationery. 

We have a limited number of MTA WA Member stickers available to post out to members. Please contact our Membership Team on (08) 9233 9800 if you would like an MTA WA member sticker posted out.

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