Policy Agenda, as at 30th June 2018:

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Preparing and Training the Industry for the Future

Over the coming decades, the WA automotive industry will face a rapid and significant amount of change as new technology is introduced into vehicles. The emergence of electric and autonomous vehicles will dramatically impact automotive businesses and in particular, how we train our future workforce. Providing the training, education and knowledge for current and future business owners, operators and their employees is at the core of the MTA WA's policy strategy. 

Areas of significance to Members are being identified and as a direct result of this work, training and policy priorities and programs will be developed and coordination in addition to our existing Automotive Institute of Technology's training program to enhance the skills and profitability of both businesses and their employees in this evolving industry. MTA WA is committed to providing members with the information they need to build market knowledge, business skills, capacity and technical knowledge to ensure their business remains viable in the future. 


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Dealer Vehicle Inspections

The MTA successfully lobbied for dealer ‘self-inspection’ of vehicles that are less than three years old and have travelled less than 100,000km. This has resulted in significant savings for dealerships in both time and costs on the business.

The MTA continues to advocate for the introduction of compulsory vehicle inspections before the sale of any vehicle in WA on a private-to-private basis. This will provide consumers with added protections in ensuring that roadworthy vehicles are sold. The introduction of such a scheme would also significantly reduce unsafe modifications and the sale of these types of vehicles by criminal elements. The scheme would improve the overall safety of the WA vehicle fleet.

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Payroll Tax

Payroll Tax is a tax on employment and continues to be one of the most significant costs of operating a business in Western Australia. The MTA will continue to strongly advocate for both a reduction in the payroll tax rate and an increase in the threshold. and we will be seeking commitments from both major parties in the lead up to the State election. Critical to this policy is the maintenance of payroll tax exemptions for apprentices and trainees.

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Employment and Training Opportunities

WA faces a significant skill shortage, with over 3,000 positions currently available.  The MTA WA is committed to working with employers and government to bridge the gap and ensure that the automotive industry has the skilled workforce it requires into the future. This includes working with both State and Federal authorities to ensure that training packages meet the future demands of industry. As a Registered Training Organisation, the MTA WA contributes to upskilling the industry through the delivery of high quality, practical industry-focused training which meets the needs of employers.

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Small Charter Vehicle Rights in the On-Demand Transport Sector

The work undertaken by the State Government to introduce more effective measures to control the growth of the on-demand transport sector and to fund a taxi plate buyback scheme has continued over the past year. A key strategy of the government is the introduction of a 10% levy on all on-demand transport providers, the proceeds of which will fund the taxi plate buyback. The MTA has strongly advocated that the small charter vehicle sector should not be included in this levy as they are not an on-demand provider and have operated in a heavily regulated market which has had no impact on the value of taxi plates. The MTA will continue in its fight to ensure that SCV operators are treated fairly in any newly regulated environment.

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Body Repair Division Inquiry

The WA Parliament’s Economics and Industry Standing Committee has commenced an Inquiry into the operation of the State’s automotive smash repair industry. The MTA WA’s BRD is actively soliciting submissions from Members in an effort to fairly represent the Body Repair industry in Western Australia and ensure that all conduct relating to the industry is brought to light during the Inquiry.

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Access to Repair Information

Access to technical repair information is a significant issue across the industry. The MTA WA is committed to the consumer’s right to choose their repairer and we will continue to work with government and industry groups to find a fair and balanced solution which addresses the concerns and needs of all industry sectors.

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