The automotive industry drives the Australian economy; it covers a wide variety of sectors and affects nearly every Australian. Nationally there are more than 97,500 businesses with total annual revenue of $251 billion. The Australian industry employs 590,000 people, paying $21.6 billion in wages annually.

Living in a state covering over 2 million square kilometres and in predominantly low-density suburbs, Western Australians are highly dependent on their cars. On average WA households have two cars and will use them for 80% of their personal trips.  The WA motoring industry, which supports the State’s motorists, accounts for 13.2% of the national automotive sector.

In Western Australia there are over 10,000 businesses within the motoring sector, accounting for just over 6% of all WA businesses. The industry employs over 70,000 workers and pays $2.7 billion annually.

For more information about the motor industry in WA and across Australia go to:

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

The ABS has extensive information on trends in Australian motor ownership and other aspects of the motor industry.

Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) 

MTAA is a federation of the state and territory motor trades associations and automobile chambers of commerce. Other members include the Motor Trades Association of Australian and the Automotive Chambers of Commercen. The MTAA represents the Australian automotive retail, service and repair (RS&R) sector. It is Australia's largest small business sector and, with an aggregate annual turnover of +$208 billion, is a significant contributor to the Australian economy.

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI)

The FCAI has detailed information on vehicles sales in Australia as well as key facts about the industry.


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