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Change of Consignment Vehicle Process

From 5 June 2019, Motor Vehicle Dealers (Dealers) are not required to submit a Department of Transport (DoT) Application to License a Vehicle or Transfer a Vehicle Licence (VL12) form where a vehicle owner engages a dealership to sell a vehicle on consignment.


The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1973 enables a Dealer to sell a vehicle on behalf of the vehicle owner subject to entering into a formal agreement.
A review of the consignment process was conducted with involvement from the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia (MTAWA). The review identified that the requirement to submit a VL12 was unnecessary. The removal of this requirement was endorsed by the MTAWA as a red tape reduction initiative.


Dealers are no longer required to submit a VL12 to notify the DoT they have been engaged to sell a vehicle on consignment.
Once a Dealer sells a vehicle on consignment, the DoT Vehicle Transfer – Vehicle Dealers Notification of Change of Ownership (MR9B) form must be completed with the ‘Consignment Vehicle’ box ticked ‘Yes’, and the ‘Dealer Details’ section populated with your Dealer details.
Note: The VL12 form must continue to be completed by Dealers for vehicle acquisitions and applications to license a vehicle.

Further information

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James Nikitas
General Manager, Driver and Vehicle Services
05 June 2019