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  • IMPORTANT - Employer Alert: JobKeeper FAQ | LINK TO DOC | Backup Link01/04/20
  • NEW - IR Alert 5 - Update to the Clerks Private Sector Award LINK TO DOC | Backup Link30/03/20
  • IR Alert 4 - What Coronavirus means for your business | LINK TO DOC | Backup Link | 24/03/20
  • IR Alert 3 - Employee management update | LINK TO DOC | Backup Link | 17/03/20
  • IR Alert 2 - Mandatory self-isolation for any Australians returning from travel | LINK TO DOC | Backup Link | 16/03/20
  • IR Alert - Coronavirus affecting workplaces - includes draft memo to employees | LINK TO DOC | Backup Link | 10/03/20
  • Apprentice Subsidy Alert - View the FAQ section below relating to the Apprentice Subsidy | Click Here |
Coronavirus Government Grants - COVID-19


State [WA]

  1. Cash Flow Assistance for Businesses
    Current as at 29.03.2020
  1. Small & Medium Business Financial Relief
  1. Support for Business Investment
    Current as at 29.03.2020
  1. Small & Medium Business Rent Relief
  1. Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Businesses
    Current as at 29.03.2020
  1. Payroll Tax – Defer, Waive & State Grant
  1. JobKeeper Payment
    Current as at 31.03.2020

  1. JobKeeper FAQ
    Current as at 01.04.2020

  1. Increasing the instant asset write-off Current as at 29.03.2020

  1. Supporting Apprentices and Trainees*
    *May not be claimed in conjunction with JobKeeper payment

    Current as at 29.03.2020

  1. Payments to Support Households
    Current as at 29.03.2020

  1. Income Support for Individuals
    Current as at 29.03.2020



Question: Is automotive an essential service?
The MTAA and State/Territory MTAs consider Automotive services to be essential, read the full explanation here

Question: Does the ATO provide any assistance?
If you are experiencing difficulties with relation to Federal taxes (ATO) Click Here

Question: How do I apply to extend the time (defer) my 2019-20 payroll tax payment? (WA State Taxes)
Complete the Payroll Tax Deferral Application Form HERE - Criteria for eligibility is listed on the same page

Question: How do I apply for the $17,500 WA State Govt Payroll Tax Grant?
A one-off grant of $17,500 will be available for employers, or groups of employers, whose annual Australian taxable wages are more than $1 million and up to $4 million.For a group of employers, a single grant will be payable to the designated group employer. If you are eligible, you do not need to apply for the grant. Check your eligibility HERE

Question: As an MTA WA/Automotive Institute of Technology Host Employer, how do I access the 50% Apprentice subsidy
The MTA WA has been successful in working with the Federal Minister to have the draft legislation amended to include businesses using a Group Training service.
The MTA WA is hopeful that the legislation as amended will be passed and access to subsidies will be available to Host Employers. Given that Applications for subsidies commence on the 2nd of April, we will update you as soon as more information is available.


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