9 April, 2024

Department of Transport WA Dealer Online System update 

The Motor Trade Association of WA (MTA WA) and the Department of Transport WA (DoT) are working together to refine the Dealer Online System (DOS), focusing on streamlining processes for dealers.


In the wake of removing dealer priority counters, the MTA WA is in active dialogue with DoT to mitigate administrative tasks for dealers.

A feature of this collaboration is the nearing completion of a trial for direct licence plate delivery to dealers, which has been well-received for its efficiency and time savings.

Additionally, all Dealer Online users are invited to complete a brief survey to enhance DOS further.

This anonymous and confidential survey aims to collect feedback to improve DOS services and support dealers in enhancing customer service.

The feedback collected will play a crucial role in guiding improvements.

The MTA WA urge members to complete the survey, which can be accessed by clicking here.