9 May, 2024

Annual Wage Review 2023 - 2024

Each financial year, an Expert Panel conducts the annual wage review. The review usually takes place from March to June.

The Fair Work Act 2009 requires the Panel to review:

  • minimum wages in modern awards and transitional instruments
  • the national minimum wage order from the previous annual wage review.

The decision and order usually come into operation on 1 July of the following financial year.

The review directly affects employees in the national system who are:

  • covered by a modern award or a transitional instrument, or
  • not covered by either an award or an agreement.

At the end of the review the Expert Panel issues its decision. After this, the Fair Work Commission will publish:

  • determinations that change the minimum wages in modern awards, and
  • a national minimum wage order for employees who are not covered by an agreement or award.

Members will need to factor the results of the wage review into their wage calculations and budgets. The MTA WA will keep members informed of changes to wages and allowances when these are published.