9 February 2024

FWO urges compliance with Closing Loopholes law changes

Employers and employees should educate themselves on the new Closing Loopholes workplace laws and make sure they are compliant.

Fair Work Ombudsman Anna Booth said there were important changes to the Fair Work Act that have been made or will be made by the laws, including the creation of a criminal offence for intentional underpayments.

“We urge workplace participants to be across the changes which create new or different rights or responsibilities,” Ms Booth said.

“There can be significant penalties where the laws are not followed – including jail time for the new criminal offence – but we want employers to get it right in the first place and are here to help with free information and advice to ensure they do.”

Most changes started on 15 December 2023, while others start between now and 2025.

For further information on the changes made by the Closing Loopholes laws, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Closing Loopholes webpage.