5 Reasons you should nominate in the 2021 Automotive Excellence Awards.

The benefits of nominating for the 2021 Automotive Excellence Awards extend far beyond just the prizes available.

  1. You’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded peers who share the same level of ambition and show the same passion for their business and industry.
  2. It will help to boost your brand. Awards can be a great way to increase your market share and expand awareness of your business. We recommend that you add your official Automotive Excellence Award Winners logo to all of your company marketing materials, sales brochures, proposal documents and signage, such as on shop windows and in reception areas, for example.
  3. Winning an award is a team effort, and being part of that winning team will give your staff something to be proud of.
  4. Land new customers. Customers like to be associated with a winning company. When prospective customers see that you’ve won an award, it can sway them to choose you over your competition because you’re seen as a high-quality company. By demonstrating your commitment to automotive excellence, you create a level of confidence and trust that attracts an ongoing stream of new customers to your business.
  5. The Automotive Excellence Awards Night Dinner provides a platform for you to connect, exchange ideas, create business opportunities in a relaxed and fun setting, with all the finalists recognised on the night.
  6. It is a memorable night to share with your team, family and friends.

This year there are 14 categories:

Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact our events team at [email protected] with any questions you may have in regards to the awards or view our events page for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Automotive Excellence Awards!