As members will no doubt now be aware, the Premier has announced that the greater Perth region will enter a three-day lock down commencing at midnight tonight, 23 April 2021.

At this stage, and I must emphasis, we are working directly off the advice from the State Government, that there are only four reasons for people to leave home during this lock down. These are:

  1. Work if you can't work from home or remotely,
  2. shopping for essentials like groceries, medicine and necessary supplies,
  3. medical or healthcare needs, including compassionate requirements and looking after the vulnerable,
  4. and exercise with a maximum of four people, limited to one hour per day.

Masks must be worn unless it is rigourous exercise.

The following must close from midnight tonight. Pubs, bars and clubs, except takeaway. Gyms and indoor sporting venues, no community sport is permitted. Playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor recreational facilities. Cinemas, entertainment venues and casinos. Large religious gatherings and places of worship. And libraries and cultural institutions.

Whilst broader retail is not mentioned, it is clear that the intent of the government that movement within the community needs to be restricted and I would encourage members to continue to monitor the Government web site for updates.

Should this lock down be extended the MTA WA will issue further communications to members as soon as we have the advice from the Government.