28 June 2022 | MTA WA News

Swift caravan and camper cooker safety recall 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a Gas Safety Recall for 16 models of SWIFT 500 Series Cooker/Grill and Cooktops after discovering a part of the gas supply pipe may break or develop a hole.

MTA WA Members that sell, hire, repair or use vehicles that contain SWIFT Gas Cookers need to be aware of the following information. 

Importance Level 


The MTA WA has received a number of requests for advice and support from Members of the Caravan, Campervan and RV sector regarding the safety of some Swift Cookers. The MTA WA had requested advice from the WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety - Building and Energy WA (the Department).

This alert aims to provide MTA WA Members with a summary of facts, and the latest advice.

What We Know (The Facts)

  • The Department sent a formal NOTICE OF PROHIBITION OF SALE, HIRE OR USE OF GAS APPLIANCES (the Notice) to the Swift Appliance Group dated 13 May 2022.
  • A letter attached to the Notice explains that DMIRS has become aware of a potential safety issue and “the Director [of Energy Safety] has formed the opinion that the Swift Caravan Cookers – 500 Series are likely to become unsafe when in use.”
  • The actual Notice - says pursuant to Section 13H of the Gas Standards Act 1972, “You are therefore immediately prohibited from selling, hiring, advertising for sale or hire, or using all gas articles of this type: Article Description: Swift Cookers – 500 Series.”
  • The letter sent to Swift “recommends” that the Swift Group undertake a recall of this product.
  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) published an interim Gas Safety Recall notice on Thursday 23 June 2022.
  • The Department has confirmed that the prohibition is not restricted to a particular manufacturer or retailer and extends to retailers of campervans, caravans and RV’s in WA
  • The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Chief Gas and Plumbing Inspector’s (Building and Energy Division) advice is as follows;

“Retailers should contact Swift for the latest guidance on the recall and remediation.

Retailers should not sell the caravan, campervan or RV with the Swift appliance installed. It must be removed by a licensed gas fitter prior to the vehicle being sold.

A person who fails to comply with the order commits an offence with a penalty of $250 000.”


Further Information 

MTA WA Members are invited to contact their Association for more information.