Toyota Warranty Changes

Toyota Australia has just announced that major changes have taken place to the new vehicle warranty period for vehicles first registered after 1 January 2019.

The existing new vehicle warranty of 3 years/ 100,000kms has now been replaced with the Toyota Warranty Advantage.

The Toyota Warranty Advantage period for your new vehicle is now 5 years with unlimited kilometres and, if your vehicle is properly maintained, up to 7 years for Engine and Driveline and up to 10 years for Hybrid Battery with unlimited kilometres, subject to terms and conditions contained at

*Please note, if your Toyota vehicle is used for commercial purposes, the period will be a maximum of 5 years or 160,000kms, whichever occurs first, subject to terms and conditions contained at

As the new Toyota Warranty Aedvantage applies to any Toyota vehicle registered after January 2019, all vehicles purchased after this date have already had its records updated to benefit from the Toyota Warranty Advantage. 

As the new Toyota Warranty Advantage was announced after delivery of some vehicles, we were unable to update the front cover of the Warranty and Service book to show that these vehicles are now part of the Toyota Warranty Advantage. If you would like the front cover of your Warranty and Service book updated with details of the Toyota Warranty Advantage and a link to the Toyota website, please present your Warranty and Service book to your Toyota dealer's Service Department at your convenience.

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