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Posted on 17/06/2021

MTAA Alert: A new era for motor vehicle service and repair choice

World-leading legislation to mandate the provision of motor vehicle service and repair information to Australian automotive repairers passed the Senate today, paving the way for increased consumer choice and competition from 1 July 2022.

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Posted on 17/06/2021

Car Service & Repair to Become Cheaper Under Morrison Govt: MTAA Thanked

Car Service & Repair to Become Cheaper Under Morrison Govt: "The Government thanks all industry stakeholders...In particular, the MTAA and CEO Richard Dudley have been a driving force behind this reform." - Read the Full Ministerial Media Release

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Posted on 15/06/2021

RVSA Communication for Dealers

Change process for registering new vehicles: Upcoming Commonwealth legislative changes will bring changes to the way that Dealers source vehicle information required to licence a vehicle on Dealer Online.

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Posted on 14/06/2021

6PR Interview: Liam Bartlett & Stephen Moir on LPG in WA

LPGone? With residents in Western Australia's South-West recently complaining to 882 6PR's Liam Bartlett regarding disappearing LPG fuel outlets and availability, MTA WA Group CEO Stephen Moir discusses the state of the LPG market.

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Posted on 03/06/2021

MTA WA Group CEO, Stephen Moir on 9 News Perth - Fuel Prices

Watch the video: MTA WA Group CEO Stephen Moir said to 9 News Perth that "A more consistent approach to fuel pricing..."

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Posted on 01/06/2021

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the 'Franchising Code of Conduct' reforms

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the 'Franchising Code of Conduct' reforms. Read the announcement, as well as a letter of thanks to the MTAA's Richard Dudley from The Hon. Stuart Robert MP

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Posted on 25/05/2021

DoT Dealer Bulletin May 2021

Dept of Transport Dealer Notice - Written-off Vehicle Register Web Portal

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Posted on 24/05/2021

Electric vehicles are coming, but we don’t have the skills or policies we need, the MTA says

The imminent transition to mainstream electric vehicle use is a “revolutionary” moment which will fundamentally change the role of the motor vehicle, but we’re sleepwalking into the future in a policy vacuum...

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Posted on 23/04/2021


As members will no doubt now be aware, the Premier has announced that the greater Perth region will enter a three-day lock down commencing at midnight tonight, 23 April 2021.

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Posted on 16/03/2021

NOTICE: Easter Trading Hours 2021 (Dealers Only)

Many queries have been received from MTA WA members regarding Easter Trading Hours in 2021.

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