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AUR20520 Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology

Kick start your automotive career and boost your chances of securing an apprenticeship with by completing a pre-apprenticeship.

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About the Course 

AUR20520 Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology

Learners develop the principles underpinning the operation of vehicle systems and subsystems. They learn to carry out servicing operations, inspect and service engines, braking, cooling, steering and suspension systems. They also develop the knowledge and skills needed to service, maintain and repair these systems. Students develop effective communication, teamwork skills, safe working practices and environmental awareness when developing solutions to planning and managing automotive vehicle systems.

To achieve the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, learners must successfully complete twenty (20) units of competency made up of thirteen (13) core units and seven (7) elective units and participate in work experience throughout the program.

Our pre-apprenticeship program gives you the opportunity to gain a realistic expectation of the work involved in a particular trade and develop basic trade skills. A pre-apprenticeship typically takes six months and could help you secure an apprenticeship. What you've learnt during your pre-apprenticeship will also provide credit transfers towards completing your apprenticeship.

Delivery Period

The qualification is delivered as a full time pre-apprenticeship course (approximately 6 months). Students attend 3 days of the week on the job training at AIT and 2 days off the job training. This invariably gives the employer a chance to consider them for an apprenticeship. We run two pre-apprenticeship courses throughout the year. To successfully complete a Certificate II Pre-Apprenticeship all participants are required to complete a specified amount of hours in an industry work placement. The AUR20520 Pre-Apprenticeship work placement requirement is a minimum of 183 hours. This will need to be completed within the duration of the course. 

Mode of Delivery

The delivery mode utilises a simulated workplace where learning strategies are developed that reflect work practice.
This program will be delivered through a range of teaching and learning strategies. These include:

  • Practical workshop-based tasks (these involve demonstration and practice activities in simulated work environments).
  • Training room delivery (face to face, which includes theory, multimedia learning, group work).
  • Work placement which allows learners to be “fully immersed in a work environment” for part of their training.

Learners are supplied with structured activities, learning resources, trainer/assessor industry knowledge and practical demonstration of the skills required in the performance criteria, range statement and critical aspects for the units of competence. All learners are treated equitably, having regard to their particular needs, in order to ensure the provision of every reasonable opportunity for the learner to acquire the competencies of the qualification

How to Apply

The pre-apprenticeship intake for February 2024 has now closed. The pre-apprenticeship intake for July 2024 will open from April 2024, onwards.


Are you an Employer?

The Automotive Institute of Technology is seeking employers interested in offering positions for work experience opportunities for students involved in our pre-apprenticeship program. Please contact Group Training Manager Stephen Spini on 9233 9800 or email [email protected] for more information on the program.

Want to Know More?

If you'd like more information, please contact our Registered Training Organisation on 9233 9800, or email [email protected].
*It is highly desirable that applicants have a WA drivers licence or have made significant progress to attaining a licence.