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Posted on 09/02/2024

FWO urges compliance with Closing Loopholes law changes

Employers and employees should educate themselves on the new Closing Loopholes workplace laws and make sure they are compliant.

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Posted on 08/02/2024

MTA WA: Shaping History, Today

MTA WA steps into action as conversations begin, around Australia's newly announced fuel efficiency standards

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Posted on 18/12/2023

Australia on track to break all-time new vehicle sales in 2023

The Australian automotive market continues to break all-time sales records as more Australians take delivery of new vehicles than ever before.

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Posted on 13/12/2023

New rules for fixed term contracts

From 6 December, there are new rules when engaging employees on fixed term contracts.

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Posted on 21/11/2023

Tools for Calculating Employee Entitlements

The Fair Work Commission has developed a range of calculators to help employers in the federal workplace relations system to calculate pay and other employee entitlements.

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Posted on 15/11/2023

Employer Obligations for Long Service Leave

After 7 years of continuous employment, an employee may have an entitlement to long service leave when their employment ends due to resignation, redundancy, dismissal, or when the employee dies.

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Posted on 03/11/2023

Consumer Protection's view on odometer tampering

The Commissioner views odometer tampering as an important safety issue. She wants to ensure consumers fully understand the history of the vehicles they purchase.

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Posted on 02/11/2023

Can a worker bring an unfair dismissal claim if they resign?

Where a resignation is given in the heat of the moment or under extreme pressure, special circumstances may arise.

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Posted on 19/10/2023

Sparking debate: High Court unplugs Victoria's electric vehicle tax.

MTA WA Group CEO Stephen Moir joined 6PR Perth Live host Oliver Peterson on air to discuss what the ruling could mean for motorists nationwide.

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Posted on 04/10/2023

MTAA makes submission to the Federal Government's 2023 Franchising Code Review

The MTAA has collaborated with the State Associations and their Franchise Dealers to reach the best outcomes for retail automotive franchising.

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